Creativity is a gift from God

This week has been a bit crazy. It’s been emotional and tiring. Yesterday at youth, Shawn encouraged our young people to be better than the adults they’ve witnessed during this campaign and election. We talked about how we make decisions and how God wants us to treat those whose decisions don’t match our own. I hope our children are able to do it better than we do.

Now it’s time to look to the future. So let’s do – all the way to this Saturday! It’s the Bazaar! It’s one of the best days of the year at Wright’s Chapel! I think we can all agree on that! Our crafters work so hard all year long to make these beautiful pieces that we can come and admire (and purchase) at the Bazaar. I firmly believe that creativity is a gift from God, that as God created us all in God’s image, part of that is this need to be creative. When I am able to truly be creative, I feel closer to God. For me, it is a connection point to the divine. As I work on a quilt or a piece of jewelry or stained glassimg_0590 or whatever crafty pursuit I am into at the time, I am able to dig deep within myself in a way I don’t on a daily basis. I am able to think and feel and experience God in a way I don’t through words. I am able to find beauty and grace in the world around me. I am able to pass on a little piece of myself and put some of my image in my creation just as God did with me.

So this Saturday, come to the Bazaar. Invite your friends and neighbors. And while you’re here, yes, buy some Christmas presents. Buy some decorations for your home. But take the time to really appreciate the beauty and grace in the creations of our crafters. Look for the presence of God at our Bazaar. You might find it in a person, in a craft or in a chocolate chip cookie (I can always experience the divine through chocolate!). The Bazaar is a fundraiser, but it is so much more. It is the culmination of a year of fellowship, work, support, and creativity. Our crafters are there for each other and for all of the Wright’s Chapel community whenever a need arises. If you don’t have the money or don’t need any more stuff, come anyway to show them the support they deserve and to seek the image of God that will be here.

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