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We started our middle and high school Bible studies last week. We meet every Thursday from 6-8 in three different homes. Middle school boys meet at the Puckett’s home, middle school girls meet at the Tillapaugh’s home, and the high schoolers meet at my home. There is a meal and then we study the scripture that Charles will preach on Sunday. The youth are able to get an idea of where he is going with his sermon and the points he wants us to learn.

Thursday night Bible study is one of my favorite thing we do with our youth. There is just something about sharing a meal together in someones home and studying scripture that creates community. There is lots of laughter and getting to know each other. There is also discussion that gives us opportunity to grow in our faith. I’m sure this is why Jesus would often go to peoples homes to share a meal together. This is also why Jesus chose a meal of bread and wine as a way to remember the community he wants to build with us. Even in the chaos and loudness of Thursday night Bible study it often feels like a holy moment.

The other thing I’m always amazed about Thursday nights is the dedicated adult volunteers who make it all happen. We have 8-10 adults every Thursday night caring for the teenagers. Some of them are providing meals while others are leading the study. But they are not just cooking or asking questions, they are being a Christ like example to these young people. The teenagers also know they have an adult they can trust and a safe place to go. Wright’s Chapel is blessed by having adults willing to care for teenagers.

I’m headed home soon to clean up my house for 20 high schoolers that will be coming this evening for a meal, Bible study, and community. I can’t wait!

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