Leadership Institute

I was able to attend the Church of the Resurrection’s Leadership Institute for the 2nd year in a row.  Last year, I was amazed and probably in awe of just the sheer size of the church, buildings, congregation, stained glass and all the programs that they offer, not to mention, that I felt lucky to even be invited as a Youth Volunteer and Communications Coordinator.  This year, was even more of a big deal for me as the Children’s Ministry and Building Better Moms Coordinator. (Yeah, that’s a lot of coordinating.)

Last week, I was able to partake in 3 different classes that dealt specifically with Children’s Ministry with COR’s awesome Gurus.  There were quite a few duh moments, like “why didn’t I think of that?” and a few “light bulb” moments. I am already starting to tweak a few things that we have been doing and trying to make things a little better.  I am really excited about what is to come. I have a lot of ideas that I have written down, some that may not necessarily work for our church to things that are more behind the scenes and will only be minor tweaks. One of the biggest things that we will be rolling out in the coming months is a registration card for all of our children in any of our programs.  I think it’s great how we reach out to adults when they visit or have been missing, but we don’t do the same for the kiddos. I think it’s important, because they are important. You will only have to do it once, or at least that’s my plan. More to come!

I was, also, able to meet with some of the Building Better Moms national leaders and have lunch with them.  It was definitely NOT a long enough lunch, but it was awesome to be able to share with them what we are doing.  Marty and CC were amazed that with our brand new program that we were FULL (actually with 7 extra moms) with a waiting list. Just for the record, they have 15 groups and 800 members at their church alone. They were, also, impressed with what missions we will be working on this year.  The ladies had a lot to share with me as well, that it has me even more excited for all the possibilities with Building Better Moms. It is a well oiled machine that is celebrating 10 years this year! And I am beyond thrilled that Wright’s Chapel is 1 of 22 partners nationwide.

Of course, there is a little fun that comes with this trip…hanging out with The Boys aka Charles and Shawn.  I have to say that I really like them.  I know it is hard to believe. Any traveling with Charles always brings a lot of laughs and I have done quite a few youth mission trips with both, along with Haiti this summer.  Shawn and I try not to gang up on him too bad. This year, Kim came with us, too, which made for even more laughs, usually at Charles’ expense. I got to know Kim better during our Haiti trip (and complaining to each other about the heat and sleeping on the porch), so I was looking forward to more time with her.  It was really like hanging with a longtime girlfriend. I always enjoy our chats.

All in all, I know that I learned a lot, had a little fun and, based on conversations with the others, they did, too.  The four of us will get together next week and talk about what we learned, our “duh” moments, things we can do to grow different ministries, things to grow the church, things we are doing good and great, and things we can do better.

So, stick around and see what we do.

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