CIA Van?

The youth are planning to go to a youth retreat called The Amazing Next Conference the weekend of Nov. 16th. We have been taking sign ups the last month or so. The deadline was last week and so I picked up the sign up sheet on Monday to see who all signed up. I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had 28 youth and 4 adults sign up. I’m really looking forward to the conference and I think this will be a great trip for the youth. Getting away helps us learn more about Christian community and the conference will help us grow in our faith.

But this is NOT a blog post about the conference and the importance of getting away. Instead this is a post about how glad I am that we are including getting a new van in our capital campaign. If you read Charles’ post last week you know that we are starting a capital campaign to raise $150,000 to purchase the lot next to the church and to get a new van. I think the land is really important and will give us alot of options in the future. But I’m most excited about a new van! Our old van has served us well for a long time. It’s a 1996 van that the church bought in 1998. It’s an old CIA van (so Charles says). But it’s not reliable for us to take it very far anymore. We currently use it to pick up kids for after school, which means it gets driven a couple miles a week. Because we can’t take it on trips, like the conference we are going on next month, I have to find enough parents willing to go on the trip and to drive. So when I see we have 28 youth and 4 adults sign up for the trip I start adding up how many cars we are going to have to take to get everyone there and then I start asking around for volunteers. Sometimes this is easy but other times not so much. But with a new van that will hold 12 or 15 people, that will be a much easier task. So the lot will be important but a new van will make my life much easier!

Like I said it’s been a good van for a long time. It’s been many places and has helped Wright’s Chapel on many mission trips. But it’s time for a new one! You’ll be hearing more about the campaign and how you can be involved soon. Thanks in advance for your support!


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