December Rush

The Holidays tend to be a busy season for most people and families and it seems to start Thanksgiving.  December definitely is one of my favorite months, partially because of Christmas. But I would be lying if I said that was the only reason.

First off, it’s my birthday month. And it’s my anniversary month.  We get to celebrate 25 years of marriage. (Happy anniversary to us!)

I tend to, at times, rush through everything in December.  I need to get our tree, decorate, go to the parade, prepare for our Building Better Moms’ Christmas party (We have a spot open if you have been thinking about it!), see Santa, see the lights, clean the house for company, plan Christmas dinner, and find time in there to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. I know that I am no different than most of you.  It’s crazy and it’s definitely busy.

I am happy to say “shop” is not on my list this year, because I am done shopping.  I did all of my shopping online. Hello Amazon, Target, and Kohl’s! If they didn’t have it, you’re most likely not getting it. I started before Thanksgiving and finished up this week.  Any bit of little shopping left, I will leave that to Santa. I wanted to save my sanity this year. I feel like I am already out of time and I didn’t want to spend an hour or more in traffic (there and back) to just to get to shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I won’t be going out. I like the buzz of the holiday. I like seeing the decorations and the shops. But, I won’t have the stress of trying to find that perfect last minute gift. No panic from me in that.  (In fact, the dogs are barking. UPS just pulled up and I have presents to stash…and wrap. Alexa hasn’t learned to do that.)

I actually will have a little more time to sit back and enjoy the sights and smells and the noise of the holiday.  Aside from the million other things that I need to do, I am excited to have a little bit of “extra time” to think about what this holiday season is really about. It’s not about the presents, the shopping, the decorations or the busy and I hope that I don’t forget that. It’s about family, friends, and about a baby being born.

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