Christmas Eve

One of the things I get excited about that our church does for Christmas eve is the Christmas eve offering. You might be saying to yourself that’s a weird thing to be excited about. Most people enjoy lighting candles and singing Silent night on Christmas eve. Usually the offering is just an after thought or just something churches have to do. But for us at Wright’s Chapel this offering is different. Every year we give away 100% of our Christmas eve offering to a mission the church is involved in. In year’s past we have given the money to our partners in Haiti. Each year we have seen a lot of progress on the new home being built for women with disabilities in Haiti. One year with our Christmas eve offering we were able to put on a new roof for someone in Haiti who lost theirs in a hurricane. I have seen first hand the real difference this offering makes in peoples lives.

That’s why I’m real excited about this year’s offering. This year we are focusing on a mission closer to home. Part of the offering will go to help fund our new Mobile ministry as we try to reach out to our neighbors living in Carmel Church in the hotels and other areas of our county. This is a new ministry for us here at Wright’s Chapel but it has already impacted many lives. Once a month a group of volunteers from the church goes out and hands out clothes and food. But the main thing they do is eat lunch together and build a relationship together. Its by getting to know people and they getting to know us is where the real ministry happens. The offering this year will help provide much needed funds to continue this ministry and to help it grow. The rest of the offering will go to the church’s homeless ministry through Micah and other United Methodist Ministries.

Again this year we are asking for each person to consider donating $20 for each person in your family to the Christmas eve offering. You can do that in church or by donating online through our website and choosing Christmas eve offering from the drop down box. Thank you for your support of Wright’s Chapel. Because of your donations we are able to accomplish our mission of Making Disciples ~ Transforming the World!

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