You might be in children’s ministry if

You might be in children’s ministry if you run to Dollar Tree in hopes of being able to get everything that you need for your Valentine’s parties this week, all based off of a cool card that someone shares with you.

Our preschool director came in one morning this week and shared with me these great Valentine’s cards that she had purchased and I just knew that I had to have them for the Afterschool kiddos and for my own kiddos who may or may not be doing Valentine’s this year.  

You pop the Valentine and then they sort of pop open with a balloon.  What sort of wizardy is this?!?! I have no idea what causes this kind of magic, but let me tell you…I called a couple of stores and was able to locate some.  I drove up to Massaponax where I purchased 43 (!!!!) packs of 4 of these magical cards and several other Valentine decor goodies. 43 times 4, well, you do the math.  It was a hit with my youngest because he must of claimed 3 or 4 of his own.

I think the Afterschool kiddos enjoyed our celebration on Tuesday and most of the ones on Thursday did, too.  I love any excuse for a party. It is fun to have sweet treats, hear stories from Ms. Sally & Ricky Raccoon (on Tuesdays), sometimes make crafts, and play games.  I think that most liked the cards, too.

I have enjoyed getting to know my Afterschool kids, the first timers, and the ones that keep coming back.  We have a few that like to share and some that like to overshare. Some of the things that we are told some times make us think.  They are learning, though, it is not all play. We do talk about God, have devotions, share our happies, some times our sads, and we try to connect with each other.  

We have a few that are shy and the celebrations seem to open them up..  For some reason, parties take the pressure off a little bit more. Whatever the reason, I am all for it.  

We have some open spots if you are interested in registering your elementary school child in our program or if you are looking for a way to volunteer.  

You might be in Kid Min if you like to party.


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