Spring Break

I tell my children all the time that they should thank God that they have the mother that they do.   Amy is our vacation planner and so this Sunday shortly after we finish worship at Wright’s Chapel we will be headed out to Disney World.  I love Disney World, but would never actually plan a trip there and so I’m so excited to be going. I know Sophia loves Disney too. Sophia loves to see the characters, especially Winne the Pooh and Tigger.  Amy and Lydia love to go anywhere and so we are all excited to get away and to spend some time together in warmer weather.  Amy has us scheduled to go to different parks on different days. I love them all.  I love the shows, the rides, the animals, the characters. I also love to just look around and learn from the experience.  Disney World does such a great job in the area of hospitality.  Their workers are so friendly and helpful.  The park is clean and it feels as though they are careful about every detail. Their customer service is outstanding. I’ll be looking around trying to observe and trying to learn all I can about how we can be better here at Wright’s Chapel.  How can we do better at fulfilling our mission of making disciples and transforming the world?  Sharing radical hospitality is a part of that and it seems we can always improve at how we welcome our neighbors with the love of Jesus.  I won’t be suggesting that we wear mouse ears, but I do hope to come back with some ideas that will make all those who enter Wright’s Chapel, not have a magical time, but certainly a grace filled time. Hope you all have a great Spring break as well!


  1. Megan Heagney says

    What a beautiful picture. I love that heart touch, being overcome with love and joy in her heart. May we all feel this purest form of love and endearment in the presence if our Lord Jesus Christ. My hand goes there often in prayer.

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