Women’s retreat

I was so lucky last month to go on my 3rd Women’s Retreat with what is now known as the Women’s Connection here at Wright’s Chapel.  I was, also, able to have a little bit of input to what what went on that weekend. Let me just say that there is a lot of planning, replanning, ideas, and more ideas, and even at times scratching of our heads on how to coordinate things in a way that makes sense.  Though, I did not have a major role in the behind the scenes goodness, let me just say that a whole lot of love, coordinating, writing, rewriting, and shopping went into it for all of our ladies, including our guest speaker, to have a fabulous weekend and to grow and connect with one another the way you can after staying the night with them.

For some ladies, this was their first time at a weekend women’s retreat and for others it was one of many.  We wanted all to feel welcomed and loved and hopefully for some to strengthen their connections and to make new connections with each other, while, also strengthening our own spiritual journeys. It is always wonderful to come out of a weekend with new friendships or understandings of one another. And let’s be honest, a weekend Sandbridge Escape with a house on the beach is hard to complain about.

This is the first retreat that I have attended that had a guest speaker and my knowledge of Donna Tyson going into this weekend was very limited.  I was quite impressed how she was very approachable and spoke with us sharing her stories as if we were all girlfriends. She has had many journeys, struggles, challenges, love, and loss that I think most of us could relate to even if in some small way.  And it did make me feel like our retreat was just a bunch of girlfriends hanging at the beach for the weekend. Many valuable lessons were shared that hopefully we’ll allow us all to grow in our own lives.

I am so appreciative of the ladies that planned and researched, the ones that signed up and showed up with open hearts, the ones who shopped, the ones that cooked, the ones that ate, the ones that shared, the ones that cleaned, the ones that crafted, the ones that caught the sunrise, the ones that sang probably way too loud, the ones that came for a good time, the ones that came to grow and the ones that I got to know better.  Thank you all for making my experience what it was and growing with me.

I am looking forward to our weekend Escape next year at about the same time.  Look for information on that in the Fall.

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