Meet our new Director of Music

Hello!  My name is Misti Kai Gwynne.  Please call me Misti Kai, MK, or “Miss Decay” as some of my choir kids have called me.  My husband, David, and I are coming from the Richmond area.  David works for Union Bank & Trust.  We have known each other since the 2ndgrade!  We really feel God has led us to your congregation to join in ministry and to serve.

Your beautiful church, the wonderful praise band, and the warm friendly people brings back memories of my first experience as a singer in church.  I was in the seventh grade at Maple Grove United Methodist Church in Columbus, Ohio.  I was terrified.  I knew right then and there I would be a church musician.  Well, at least God knew.

So… it was off to high school, college, marriage, four children, and back to college.  Along the road we accepted Christ and have served in churches in Jacksonville, Dallas and Austin Texas, Chicago, where my mother, Clara, joined our household, Atlanta, Charlotte, and the Richmond area.

Our four children have all graduated from college, are happily married, and live in different parts of the world.  Arthur lives in Manhattan, NY where he is Operations Director for an executive career search company.  His wife Lachi is a talented jazz and pop artist and producer.  Peter and his wife Beth, and their large german shepherd, live in Helsinki, Finland.  He is a computer programmer for a US company that is currently helping the Finnish government with their tax system.  Eleanor and her husband Trevor were both in full-time ministry in Charlotte, NC until very recently.  They are now raising our adorable granddaughter Abigail Grace and Trevor works as a head-hunter for a staffing agency.  Abby is the apple of my eye!  She turns 2 in July.  Wesley, our youngest, is a chemist & biologist.  He works at a pharmaceutical company in Charleston, SC.  His wife Aimee is a talented dancer/ choreographer for several dance studios and dance companies.  All of our children and their spouses are very musical.  

I received my Bachelor’s degree in piano performance when our youngest was in high school.  It was the most challenging thing I had ever done in my life!  But then ten years later I decided to also get my Master’s degree in worship & music.  And who knows, well maybe God knows, I may start on my Doctorate someday.

My training in worship encourages “full and active participation” of the faithful.  Music is so much a part of the worship experience.  From early music to Gregorian chant to music in the vernacular to contemporary settings, worship music continues to be a work in progress.

My music ministry has evolved over the years from the youthful soprano soloist to the praise team solo pianist to the position “Music Director.”  I am now charged with the awesome charter of enabling the congregation to actively and fully participate in worship through the arts.

Join me in this important work!  I know there is talent and goodwill here.  I have seen it these past few weeks in our visits and the start of my position here.  All are invited!  Adult choirs, youth and children’s choirs, praise team, soloists, guitarists, percussionists, string, brass and woodwind players have always been part of the worship arts programs in every church I have served.  I am a raving fan of all genres and generations of music.  I am especially fond of classical-contemporary-rock-jazz-gospel-pop-hymnody!

Stop in to my desk or come up to the platform in the sanctuary and introduce yourself.  I look forward to knowing you.


  1. David Gwynne says

    Thank you church for your gracious and warm welcome.

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