Yesterday we had the opportunity to host a youth group from Lane Memorial United Methodist Church from Altavista, VA. I worked as the youth director at that church for 15 years before I moved to Wright’s Chapel. The Lane youth group is staying at the King’s Dominion campground and wanted to spend some time at Wright’s Chapel learning about the many local mission opportunities we offer and to volunteer to help. They sorted food, clothes, and school supplies for the mobile ministry. They spent some time at Cindy’s closet straightening up (and shopping!). In the afternoon they helped make cookies with Sophia for Sophia’s sweets. We also talked to them about the wood ministry and special needs ministry. They did a wonderful job! It was very helpful having them volunteer with us. Thank you Lane Memorial!

One of the things I kept thinking throughout the day is that our church does alot of ministry for those living in Caroline County. As I explained to the youth all the things we are doing as a church I was reminded again what a blessing our church is to the county. We are meeting needs in many different areas. We offer food to those who need it, financial help for electric bills, firewood to those who heat their home with wood, clothes to those who need it, and a welcome place to be to those who don’t always feel welcome at other places. I was proud to talk about all these ministries with the Lane youth. The other thing I mentioned is that we are still looking for other ways we can be involved in the community. We do a lot, but we are always looking for other ways to meet needs. 

All of the things we do as a church is very impressive. But the most impressive thing about all of that is that all of these ministries are run almost exclusively by volunteers. Every-time I was explaining a ministry I would say that it is run by volunteers. We have so many volunteers that are engaged in ministry every week. Many of them multiple times a week. This is what church looks like. Seeing needs in the community and volunteering to meet those needs. Wright’s Chapel is a blessing to our community because we are blessed with so many dedicated volunteers. I have always known this was true but taking the time to explain our many ministries to the youth helped remind me. Thank you so much for all that you do for our church and community. You are helping us to make disciples of Jesus Christ and transforming our community and world!

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