Join the Choir!

There are many wisecracks about why to join the choir:

  • The large music folders can hide that magazine you are reading during the sermon.
  • The collection plate never goes to the choir loft.
  • If you think you sound good in the shower, wait until you sing with us for a few weeks!

Which part do you sing?

  • Sopranos sing the highest, and because of this they rule the world.  They have longer hair, fancier jewelry, and swishier skirts than anyone else.
  • Altos are the salt of the earth, and they would rather wear jeans than a swishy skirt.  They sing elaborate passages full of sharps and flats and tricks of rhythm, because they are musically superior to everyone else.
  • Tenors are spoiled.  There are never enough of them, and choir directors would rather sell their souls than let a halfway decent tenor slip away.  
  • Basses sing the lowest of anybody.  This basically explains everything.  They are solid, dependable people.  They are perpetually unappreciated, but they are actually the most important part despite the fact that they have the most boring part of anybody and often sing the same note for an entire page.

Yes, we have a lip-syncing section.

What kind of music will we sing? Church music! Church music is that which is used to celebrate, worship, or glorify God.  We use church music in our worship services to help articulate our thoughts and feelings through music.  We use church music to witness to others that are not in the Christian community¸ through community performances or radio stations.  Some people may become curious about the Christian faith and look into it further if they are attracted by the music.  We also use church music to encourage ourselves individually.  It can be a very personal and introspective way to deepen our faith, and to develop our personal relationship with Christ.  Church music may have elements within it that are based on scripture, or liturgy, or traditions, but even without any of these, if the intent is to celebrate, worship, or glorify God, it can be defined as Church Music.

How would you define church music?  Is it something that inspires you on Sunday mornings?  Is it something that encourages you throughout the week?  Is it a tool you use to evangelize to others?  Hopefully you use church music in all aspects of your life to keep yourself focused on your walk with Christ, and to glorify God in all you do.  Take a closer look at the music that surrounds you this month and put it to the test!

One way to surround yourself with more church music is to join the choir.  We will have weekly rehearsals starting in September, and then gather Sunday mornings and other festival days to share our music with the congregation, and perhaps the community.

Choir is a wonderful way to fellowship with other Christians, hang out with other cool musicians, express yourself through excellent music, and to just be yourself and serve the church. 

So, which part do you sing?


  1. Karen H says

    This is absolutely wonderful💥

  2. Sondra Wade says

    I may be interested in joining the choir but need more information.

    • Misti Kai Gwynne says

      Hi Sondra! Glad you are interested! I am happy to give you more information. You may contact me at the church on Tuesdays or Thursdays, or email me at

  3. Tory Hampton says

    This is for which service?

    • Misti Kai Gwynne says

      Hi Tory! We will sing at the 8:30 and/or 11am services, and occasionally at the 9:45am service.

  4. Lynn Youngs says

    What service? When will we

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